Home, yard, and landscape protection plan

At Heritage Roofing, we’re aware that your home is your castle.

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The Home Shield Advantage

At Heritage Roofing, your 100% satisfaction is our number one priority. Great customer service begins with respect for our clients’ homes. To achieve this level of client gratification, we have implemented, The Home Shield Advantage. What is The Home Shield Advantage?, you ask. This is a home, yard, and landscape protection plan, that allows us to complete the entire roofing project without any negative effects to your property.

Typically, a heavy canvas or vinyl tarp gets draped over trees and shrubs. This tarp is secured at the gutter line, to ensure that falling debris will stay in place. Many times, delicate flowers and vegetation are present. For these areas, we secure long boards (usually 2x6) and run those up to the gutter line, where they are temporarily secured. 4x8 sheets of plywood are then placed over the boards. On top of that, a tarp will be affixed to guide any refuse safely to the ground where it will be collected and disposed. In many cases, where a driveway is present, we will utilize that in the form of parking our own refuse trailer, and simply placing all roofing debris directly into it, without any of it falling to the the ground. After job completion and thorough clean-up, there is no evidence of a work crew. Where gutters are present, wood supports are used to prevent damage.

Lastly, we sweep all work areas with a magnetic sweeper to pick up any roofing nails that may have fallen off the protective tarps.

At Heritage Roofing, we’re aware that your home is your castle. And with our Home Shield Advantage, you can rest assured that it will be treated as such. Call us Today (708) 253-2561 or (773) 259-7869