All too often, Heritage Roofing gets contacted by homeowners about leaky roofs. We have water coming from our ceiling!!! What should we do? Heritage Roofing schedules a visit for our 15 Point Roof Inspection. At that time, the homeowner mentions the fact, that the roof was recently replaced. But when they tried to contact the previous roofer, he was nowhere to be found. What happened? Why is my roof leaking? Why isn’t so and so answering his phone. Where is my Warranty? The roof has prematurely failed, well short of the 20, 30, or 40 year warranty promised by the previous roofer. This can be very frustrating, to say the least. When we ask to see the contract or warranty documents, the homeowner has nothing, except for a business card from the previous roofer, with just the dollar amount on the back of it. Unfortunately, this homeowner went for the "low-bid" offer from a contractor that is probably already out-of-business. “How much?” and “When can you start?” are not the only questions to ask. However there is a time for that too. See our Five Magic Questions To Ask Every Contractor here.

The homeowner has made a very costly mistake in his choice of contractor. Since most roofs fail due to improperly installed products, it is not the manufacturers responsibility to make repairs. Therefore, the homeowner has to go through the contractor search, and decision making process, all over again. At Heritage Roofing, we offer all the resources you will need to make The Right Choice. From our wide selection of roofing products, installation warranty, to our custom roof analysis, you can rest assured your project rests in the hands of well-trained, skilled professionals. So don’t make that costly "low-bid" mistake, call us today at 708 253-2561 or 773 259-7869 or fill out this simple form and have our knowledgeable specialists contact you today. Call Heritage Roofing today for your free 15 Point Roof Inspection !