Heritage Roofing warrants to the homeowner named below, subject to the terms, limitations, and conditions set forth herein for a period of 5 years, in which this Workmanship Warranty is effective, the roofing workmanship on the homeowners residence at the address and location shown below, shall be free from defective workmanship provided by Heritage Roofing. Terms, Limitations, Conditions

Sole And Exclusive Remedy

The written workmanship warranty stated herein is the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY for defective workmanship provided by Heritage Roofing.


This warranty may not be transferred or assigned, directly or indirectly, except for one transfer as follows: The second homeowner must notify Heritage Roofing in writing within 30 days of property transfer for any coverage to remain effective.

Effective Date

This workmanship warranty becomes effective upon completion of project and full payment.

This warranty does not cover failure of roofing products caused by:
  • Natural disasters including. But not limited to, the direct or indirect effect of lightning, gales, earthquakes, floods, hail, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other extraordinary natural occurrences.
  • Vandalism, acts of war, mechanical damage or abuse, traffic or storage of material on roof, negligence, accidents, natural wear and tear, structure settlement, defects in workmanship performed by anyone other than Heritage Roofing.

This warranty does not apply and shall be null and void if any of the following occur:
  • Failure of homeowner to confirm any leaks in writing to Heritage Roofing, at the below address, within (30) days of discovery.
  • Failure of homeowner to use reasonable care in maintaining the roof, including that of sealants and caulking.
  • Additions, alterations, or repairs made on or through the roof or to any area or surrounding area affecting the roof, other than those approved and inspected by Heritage Roofing.
  • Failure of homeowner, named below, to comply with every term, limitation, and condition stated herein.