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At Heritage Roofing, your 100% satisfaction is our primary goal. By requesting your FREE 15 Point Roof Inspection in Westmont IL, you have the opportunity to receive a no risk, no hassle, no obligation, report and analysis, which will include 3 options for replacement. It all begins with a simple phone call to 708 253-2561 or 773 259-7869, or by filling out this short form.

Upon our initial visit, we will bring our years of experience and expertise, and provide you with our Roofing Packet, which contains most of the information about Heritage Roofing featured within this website, and informative literature on products we install, as well as manufacturers we work with. Also, we will bring a ladder, measuring and inspection tools. At that point we will access the roof and perform our inspection as well as all the necessary measurements.We will not disturb, poke holes of any kind, or in anyway compromise the integrity of the roof. Upon completion we will provide you with a detailed written estimate. If you decide to move forward, we carry on hand, a variety of samples from which you are able to make a color, manufacturer, and style selection.

As an option we highly recommend inspection of the attic space ( if accessible). This will give us an opportunity to thoroughly inspect and analyze the entire roofing structure.

WARNING: We advise you NOT to hire any contractor, who does not perform this crucial inspection. There is no way you can obtain an accurate estimate without our FREE 15 Point Roof Inspection and analysis.


Roofing Contractor in Westmont IL

This would conclude our 15 Point Roof Inspection.

Generally we ask that you set aside about an hour of your time(which we know is valuable) for this visit. If you are unable to meet with us, we typically ask for your permission to access the roof only. Any homeowner searching for a reputable roofer would be impressed by the comprehensive nature of this inspection, and should welcome the opportunity for this FREE analysis in Westmont IL.

Once we have identified and assembled a solution to your roofing needs, Heritage Roofing will propose a resolution based on a “ Good-Better-Best” option that will best suit your specific needs. At that time we will also provide all pricing and time frame should you decide to award us the project.

Only after you have had the opportunity to review our Roofing Packet, Website, and our Roof Analysis, you will have all the information needed to make a successful decision.

Why do we go through all the trouble you ask? Why can’t you just give me a quote? Well, simply put, we are not just another typical roofing company. We strive to be The Best Roofing Company.

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